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The goal of Nordutensili has always been to build reliable and quality tools.
To pursue it we use the experience and skills of our team that, together with the use of CNC machines in step with the latest technologies and the use of raw materials of the highest quality, have allowed our company to mature a solid position on the market as a manufacturer of tools with a catalog that counts more than 250 products.
Our warehouse is supplied with hundreds of pieces of the items with the standard sizes in the catalog, but we are also specialized in the production of tools with the dimensions required by the customer. Being able to meet these needs allows us to keep up with market demand and find the optimal solution for our customers based on the diameter, lengths, shank and sharpening they need.

Quality of raw materials, strict testing during the production process, research focused on satisfying customers’ requirements and technologies which satisfy the needs of modern industrial concepts -these are the main factors which have enabled Nordutensili to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drill bits.

Range of Products

The range of products shown in this catalogue is the outcome of many years of experience spent in the field of woodworking tools and other materials employed in the manufacturing of furniture, chairs, doors, windows and also used by everyone practicing
The constant quality of our raw materials, a systematic quality control while producing and testing our items, a careful research aimed at satisfying our customers’ needs and the utilization of very updated machinery are the main factors that enabled NORDUTENSILI to achieve a remarkable position among European tool producers. All our items are guaranteed as been projected and built to satisfy high performance demands. Moreover NORDUTENSILI has drawn a special insurance policy covering the cases in which, should we be held responsible, one of our tools might cause injures to third parties. The insurance coverage will indemnify the injured parties for any damages suffered.

The materials

In all its production range, Nordutensili uses exclusively top-quality steels.

KSS: steel with a high chrome content, suitable for boring drills and mortising machine tools for normal speeds and feed rates. Made by BÖHLER / Austria.
HSS: super high-speed, high-performance W+Mo steel, excellent cutting-edge duration and toughness. Suitable for high cutting speeds. Made by BÖHLER / Austria.

The tool shafts with hard-metal facing are made exclusively from a special steel produced by STEELTEC AG / Switzerland: a steel made with a special and exclusive drawing technique that allows the maximum homogeneity of the characteristics on all the cross section, and with particular mechanical properties that guarantee high resistance to fatigue and wear.

In the production of tools with “HW” hard metal and solid carbide (WHM), we use exclusively a micrograin hard metal made by CERATIZIT / Luxembourg and TIGRA / Germany.
The main characteristic of the micrograin hard metal is the superfine size of the powders of tungsten carbide, cobalt and other components; the uniformity of the micrograin guarantees a greater compactness and therefore a high resistance to abrasion and wear, a greater toughness of the cutting edge, and a long tool working life.

All our tools are coated with TEFLON (Dupont).
This coating guarantees a minimum drill friction in operation, as it prevents the glues and resins from adhering to the tool, and therefore makes it possible to have lower working temperatures, a longer tool working life, and excellent chip flow.

Production process

All our tools are machined on numeric control turning machines that provide perfect dimensional accuracy, right from the first machining phase.
The tools are machined on 5-axis machining centres and with special and automatic machines to create the helix.
The brazing procedure, by which the hard metal bit is welded to the tool, is completely automated. The brazing machines are provided with optimum control of the working temperature, which remains constant for the duration of the machining phase with the application of the precise quantity of filler metal, an alloy with 42% silver, made by DE GUSSA / Germany.
The diameter of the drills and their shanks is created on automatic numeric control machines that guarantee a complete tool precision with centesimal tolerances.
A very important part of the production process is the sharpening of the cutting edge.
Sharpening is carried out with automatic machines controlled on 5 axes, using ultrafine-grain grinding wheels that guarantee maximum finishing quality.
This operation also determines the cutting geometry of the drill.
This sharpening is carried out with two sharpened shaving plates (negative).
With laser sharpening, the tool geometry presents a particularly sturdy center point, as well as the strengthened and rounded shaving plates. This type of sharpening ensures a longer tool working life compared with standard sharpening and guarantees a perfectly clean drilled hole of high quality.
The limited thickness of the drill’s central core reduces the resistance to abrasion and improves chip flow.
All the tools are laser-marked on the shaft to identify the diameter, length and LH or RH rotation.All the tools are packaged in special reusable plastic holders containing 1, 5 or 10 pieces.
All the products are SGS certified with certificate No. IT03/0565, which verifies that they meet the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001 – Ed. 2000, dated 21/07/2003. All the tools are inspected during the processing phase and before shipment, in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards.