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Nordutensili Srl was founded in 1984 in Udine and only a few years later, in 1993, it settled in the industrial area of Grions del Torre (Povoletto), in the North east of Italy.
At Nordutensili we have always had a common goal, to make products that can be used for a long time because of their resistance, this can only be done with high quality raw materials.

Thanks to the experience and expertise accumulated over the years, our team is always ready to face new challenges to respond to the demands and needs of customers by creating custom drills and cutters.
Our professionalism and the investments in CNC machines in step with the latest technologies have allowed us to mature a solid position on the market as manufacturers of tools with more than 250 items.

The needs of our customers are our challenges, which stimulate us to improve and create new products. With the evolution of the tool market we had to face new materials (Durox) and cutting edges difficult to re-sharpen, but thanks to our skills in sharpening we were able to respond to an increasingly present and widespread need, designing and building a sharpening machine.

In 2005, we introduced our first manual drill sharpening machine on the market, the NU MANUAL SHARPENING MACHINE, which, for its precision in re-sharpening, compactness and ease of use, is currently without competitors. Although we talk about a manual sharpening machine we are proud to say that in less than a minute can reproduce the geometries of the cutting edges as if the tip had just been sharpened with a CNC machine.

The same need also emerged for the cutters over time, so a few years later we set ourselves an even more ambitious goal, and we have achieved it! In 2010, we proudly launched a new sharpening machine, the NU5A AUTOMATIC SHARPENING MACHINE. Its peculiarity is the LASER eye contained in it that has the ability to analyze and scan the geometries of the milling cutters to be re-sharpened making it a unique machine of its kind and able to work independently thanks to its software.

 Our history shows that even small companies can have big dreams, and concretizing them is even more exciting!

The future is made up of new ideas and challenges and, we can say, with constant investment in research and development, the road we are on is the right one!


Nordutensili Srl has implemented its Quality System to improve the efficiency of the entire organization and ensure full customer satisfaction. The latter must always have the confidence to purchase products and services that meet specific requirements and expectations. Attention to the market and innovation are therefore essential points on which we base our development. In this sense we affirm our presence on the market through the production of innovative products at competitive conditions.

In Nordutensili it is essential:
1. to improve internal organisation by taking advantage of the new methods of analysis proposed by the new edition of ISO 9001:2015;
2. to improve its position on the world market;
3. improve their products and develop new ones.

These considerations have led us to confirm in UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 the reference model of Quality Assurance at a contractual level, for the realization of the Company Quality System. We are therefore committed to meeting all requirements applicable to our products, whether these are legal, regulatory or contractual, in order to ensure full customer satisfaction.


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